Atlantic Arc Cities

Thus, we, Mayors of Atlantic cities, hope that the first Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, to be held in Rennes, 6 and 7 July 2000, be an opportunity to score by a strong and visible signal, our mobilisation, our desire to give our relationship a new impulse and our resolution to forge together, for mutual benefit, the future of the Atlantic Arc»
Call to the first Conference- April 2000

The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, formed in 2000 at the initiative of Mr Edmond Hervé, then Mayor of Rennes, currently represents more than 100 local entities and 7 million inhabitants of the European Atlantic seaboard. This network works with different institutions, to promote the role of cities in Europe and to highlight the specificity of the Atlantic Arc. The presidency is currently held by Carlos Negreira, Mayor of A Corunna (Spain).

Structure of coordination and representation, CAAC provides a tangible mechanism that creates synergies between different actions at local and transnational level. To improve their attractiveness, networking offers the opportunity for cities to complete a critical mass that gradually increases their visibility and influence. CAAC intends to become the urban forum of reference for the Atlantic Arc through the promotion of a model for green, attractive and cohesive cities.

CAAC is a network of territorial cooperation, based on the particular identity and challenges of the cities of the Atlantic Arc in the European Union. After nearly fourteen years of experience, the Conference of the Atlantic Arc Cities has asserted its position as an Atlantic Urban Forum, facilitating both the cooperation among its members and with other European and Atlantic Arc actors, creating awareness in the European institutions about issues concerning the Atlantic Cities.

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This blog is intended as a meeting point for all Atlantic stakeholders, as a continous and interactive brainstorming on the Atlantic Arc matters. Should you wish to collaborate, please send us an e-mail to

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