François Matarasso – ’Keeping the paths open”


As from CAAC experience, it seems that networking and pooling of resources to create scale economies are fundamental for those Atlantic entities involved in creativity. Participating in a network with partners already experienced on the creative economy should allow for enrichment at the local and European level.

Pooling resources is a key to consolidate and develop existing actions by giving them a wider outreach but also to experiment new actions that can bring new solutions to the needs of the territories. The support for the producers and entrepreneurs of the cultural world of the Atlantic Arc Cities is also a solution to be explored, to allow companies to better fit the market and promote the internationalization of their activities.

In order to implement this joint vision, it appears necessary to create digital tools and encourage the use of new technologies to ensure the promotion of local heritage. By extension, a modernization of the tourism and cultural sectors is expected. In this prospective, the first meeting of the working group Atlantic Creative Cities will take place on January 26th in Plymouth.

Discussions will be led by François Matarasso, a renowned expert in the Creative Economy. So as to bring to the floor the synergies springing from cooperation, his keynote speech will focus on the opportunities of collaboration : ’Keeping the paths open: the challenging creativity of working across cultures’

In this opening talk, François Matarasso will give a personal view of the importance of bridging cultural borders, drawing on his experience of working with artists and communities across Europe.

François Matarasso is a writer, researcher and artist with a 35 year career in socially-engaged practice. His has worked in many countries and his groundbreaking work on cultural participation, cultural policy and arts evaluation have been widely published and translated. His recent work is documented at Regular Marvels.

Should you wish to attend of the meeting you can find here more information and /or register here.

Looking forward to seeing you in Plymouth!

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