Making an application for the Atlantic City of the Year

Red carpet in a wall by TGE

Red carpet in a wall by TGE

A briefing by Tamara Guirao, CAAC coordinator


In the first edition, we have received several questions and comments at the General Secretariat, concerning the contest “Atlantic City of the Year”, symptom of a good welcome by the cities in the Atlantic Arc. They do not only want to participate, they also want to win. And from CAAC Secretariat we would be happy if we could help all of them.

However, our role is just facilitating the procedure; the final decision belongs to the jury. In addition, the Executive Bureau has decided that every application must be kept confidential, even after the prize has been given. Only the winner will be known.

CAAC Bureau has also decided to be generous, inviting the winning city to join (if it is not already done) the Atlantic Cities’ network the following year, with no fee for the first twelve months.

So, even if this should be an opinion piece and indications are not compulsory, some suggestions can be listed as follows:

  • Read carefully the rules of the contest and memorize the assessment criteria!
  • Study attentively the Charter of San Sebastian, trying to identify the lines where your city is notably performing
  • Have a look at this blog and at CAAC website so as to design an Atlantic Plan for 2015 which is consistent with the activities of the Atlantic Arc Cities’ network. 
  • Support your communication tools with innovative actions and proposals.
  • Involve as much people as possible, from different sectors and levels of governance: the city should be represented in the team
  • Do not invent many “new” activities: try to give your actions the Atlantic flavour they have: You are an Atlantic City every year!

Hope this helps!

Looking forward to receiving your applications until February 16th 2015!





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