Atlantic Creative Cities to gather in Plymouth

photo credit: jesuscm via photopin cc

photo credit: jesuscm via photopin cc

Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City, warmly invites you to attend a European conference on the subject of Creative Cities in the Atlantic Arc area. Join us for a day of transnational dialogue, discussion and a series of interactive workshops leading to the development of collaborative project ideas to be submitted to a range of EU funding programmes, on the theme of creative cities.

Searching for opportunities in the new round of European funding programmes, the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, Plymouth Culture and Plymouth College of Art are hosting a meeting between stakeholders across the European Atlantic Sea Board, linked to the Creative and Cultural Industries.

Plymouth is establishing itself as more of a European hub for business and visitors, in which the creative sector will play an important part. Yet, there still remains a lot to be learned from other cities that have been successful in communicating their cultural offer and using culture and creativity as a platform for not only increasing quality of life and well-being, but also for “hard growth” and investment from the business community to ensure better and more evenly distributed prosperity.

The objective of this interactive conference is to learn from each other, share best practice and form closer links for mutual benefit, both culturally, as well as socio-economically, through collaborative projects. Therefore, we would like to invite your institution to participate as a speaker, in order to draw new initiatives from your experience and activities.

Please find the agenda enclosed and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Shoud you be interested, please register HERE.

Should you be preparing a proposal for an EU project and looking for partners, there is an “elevator pitch” session forecasted. Please contact us asap to include your intervention in the programme!

Don’t hesitate to forward the invitation to any stakeholder you may deem interested.

Looking forward to seeing you in Plymouth!

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