Cities co-branding: when 1+1 = 3 Part 1: Rennes and Saint-Malo


Elise Baudelet

Collaboration between cities is not new. Confronted to a highly competitive context, co-branding between cities is increasing. After using branding and marketing strategies, cities are also using strategic alliance models for developing. Located in the Atlantic Arc, Rennes and Saint-Malo are an example of new adepts of the “1+1 = 3”. Indeed, the two Brittany cities, as they are really close, have decided to jointly promote their cities to tourism agencies and tour operators abroad. Five mains benefits of this cooperation could be outlined.

Firstly, being on the Brittany coast, Saint-Malo offers beaches and the sea facilities that are assets Rennes does not have.

On the other hand, as the capital of French Brittany, Rennes has a strong image relying on the Brittany Parliament, the famous city market Marché des Lices, several museums and a dynamic city life (concerts, festivals, nightlife). Moreover, Rennes is easily accessible by train or plane.

Rennes and Saint-Malo are both part of the Atlantic area and thus share a similar culture, a similar identity, a similar history. Joint promotion through the Brittany heritage is then consistent.

As a French destination, Paris is often a must for tourists. Therefore, the rest of the territory may lack of awareness abroad. Thus, other cities are working out their strategies to attract visitors and increase awareness of their potential.

Pooling promotional resources does not only share the strengths but also the costs. For instance, the two tourism offices of Rennes and Saint-Malo have created a unique leaflet promoting both cities.

Once again, after having launched the Conference of Arc Atlantic Cities and still boosting cooperation among Atlantic cities, Rennes demonstrates with this partnership that joint cooperation between cities of the Atlantic Arc may be a real competitive advantage to increase efficiently territory awareness, as shown by ATBRAND project.


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