UK grants for EU debates


2014 call for proposals from universities, think tanks and other not-for-profit organisations

The European Commission Representation in the United Kingdom is offering project grants for initiatives by higher education establishments, think tanks and other not-for profit organisations to promote debate and raise awareness of the EU’s political priorities.

Key facts
• Open to higher education establishments, think tanks, NGOs and other not-for-profit organisations
• Maximum grant available (per applicant): €20,000
• Maximum European Commission contribution: 75%
• Deadline for applications: 30 May 2014
• Implementation dates: between October 1st 2014 and September 30th 2015
• Cross-cutting proposals covering several topics are especially welcome

Topics include:

• What should be the policy priorities for the next European Commission 2014 – 2019?
• Is political union necessary to make economic and monetary union work?
• Does banking union create problems for those outside it?
• How can the Single Market deliver more for services and the digital economy?
• Is Europe failing to deliver the jobs and growth it needs to maintain its way of life in a competitive global economy?
• EU employment and social legislation: a burden on business and a boon for workers?
• How can EU decision-making gain more legitimacy in the eyes of EU citizens?
• What is the impact of intra-EU migration? Are changes to free movement rules needed?
• Is Europe still relevant to young people? How do they view British EU membership?
• Britain’s relationship with the EU: what are the prospects for reform, renegotiation or exit?
• Does EU policy help or hinder addressing energy and environmental challenges in the UK?
• What prospects for EU foreign policy and the Eastern Partnership?

Projects should contribute to closer links between citizens and the institutions of the European Union, in particular through better knowledge of the Union’s role and activities, including current policy priorities. Events should stimulate an open debate on the chosen topic(s) and encompass a range of views.

CAAC will be happy to collaborate with UK entities interested in organising an event on Urban Issues or Atlantic Arc Topics. Should you wish to do so, please write us to headquarters (a)

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