3rd Edition of Crossroads of Europe


The 3rd Edition of Crossroads of Europe and 5th European Conference of Industrial Tourism will take place in Ferrol next 17-18-19-20 June 2014, organizing by the European DG Industry and Tourism, the Provincial Council of A Coruña, CCI France (Assembly of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toledo.

Industrial tourism is a kind of cultural tourism compound by living industry and industrial heritage. It includes a variety of activities such as tours and activities in places related to the sector. It is a beneficial sector for local communities as it is an innovate tourism strategy that helps the traditional tourism and besides it promotes the local and regional economy.

Meanwhile, industrial heritage is part of European heritage and it ensures a new form of tourism that promotes european identity and unity.

“Crossroads of Europe” is an annual event designed by the European Commission in collaboration with the Council of Europe and the European Institute of Cultural Routes. It highlights the places and european routes for the union of different cultures. Its aim is to promote cooperation and exchange as well as make awareness about the potential of a new kind of tourism based on European cultural tourism, from economic as social point of view.

This event has been celebrated since 2011 and it is focused on tourism professionals, cultural associations, touristic operators, travel agencies, tour operators, specialized journalists and people interested in cultural tourism.

It has been developed two editions of Crossroads of Europe, Pavía (Italy) in 2012, related to cultural and religious routes and Toulosse (France) in 2013 about cultural routes as an element for local development and European identity.

On the other hand, the European Conference of Industrial Tourism is an event with a large development whose 1st edition took place at Angers (France), in 2006.

The aim of the Conference is to promote the development of a new way of tourism, focused on industrial tourism.

The 3rd edition of Crossroads of Europe will take place at Ferrol (Spain) from 17 to 20 June 2014 under the central title “Identity, Industry and Culture” and it will highlight the importance of european cultural routes through an innovative touristic way, that is, industrial tourism and cultural industry (industries and creative economy).

The event will aim to achieve the recovery of the rich european industrial heritage, promoting their protection and conservation and the promotion of sustainable development that respects the traditions and European routes.


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