CECICN meeting in Brussels

CECICN meeting in Galicia

On April 2nd and 3rd, the pan-european platform of urban authorities, CECICN, gathered the representatives of its nine member networks in Brussels for an intense agenda. CAAC was represented by its coordinator, Ms. Tamara Guirao.

2nd of April, the CECICN delegation, lead by its Secretary-General, Xoan Mao (RIET) and its Director General, Jean Peyrony (MOT) visited DG Regio and Urban, so as to inform the European Commission about the position of CECICN’s cities and networks about the implementation of the new regulations affecting regional policy and the views on macro-regions.

In the afternoon, the Executive Bureau of the CECICN met so as to prepare the internal strategy of the network for the next three years. The following morning, the Political Bureau re-elected M: Per Bodker Andersen, president of UBC as president of CECICN and approved the strategic documents and several action for the future. Currently, CECICN will present to EU authorities its stance on roaming, so as to make its voice heard at a key moment.

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