Atlantic City of the Year: Frequently asked questions:


The competition to choose the Atlantic City of the Year 2015 has been opened for two months and CAAC Secretariat has received several questions from interested cities that can help foreseen candidates in the drafting of their proposals:

1. What do we have to send?

Participation is quite simple. Every interested city has to send the filled form, which consists on the main contact details and an action plan that explains how the city intends to develop the Atlantic City of the Year events.

2. Where do we have to send it?

It can be sent by e-mail in a pdf version to headquarters (a)

3. Who can participate?

As stated by the rules, all cities and towns located in the European Atlantic Arc are invited to participate. The Atlantic cities from other continents will participate under a special mention.

4. We are not member of CAAC, can we participate?

Yes. Even if network membership (to CAAC or to other networks) is part of the assessment criteria, it is not compulsory for participating. Any town/city located in the European Atlantic Arc, coastal or not, can send its proposal.

5. We are only half Atlantic, can we participate?

Yes. Several Atlantic cities are in this case and from the CAAC we understand that for these cities in regions like Andalusia, North Sea, Algarve, etc, the Atlantic heritage is also important.

6. Is participation confidential?

Yes. As stated by CAAC Executive Bureau in May 2013, participation is confidential and CAAC Secretariat will not issue a list of classification, so as to respect the efforts of all participants.

7. But, in this case, will we receive feedback?

Yes. Should the participating city wish to know more on the strengths and the shortcomings of its proposal, CAAC Secretariat will provide with a brief from the conclusions of the jury. However, feedback will be anonymous, with no mention to other cities’ candidacies.
Should you have any other question, please leave us a comment below. We will be glad to help you!
CAAC Secretariat

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