Platform Social Shopping Lisbon – Good practice in Social Innovation in Lisbon


In June 2013 the Municipality of Lisbon launched the Platform of Social Stores Lisbon, mobilizing several strategic partners, such as, Private Institutions of Social Solidarity, Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa and the Boards of the Freguesias.

This platform enables, through an online computer resource, promote the various existing Social Stores in the City of Lisbon, providing information about the goods and services provided, as well as its location. Also, it allows the sharing and coordination of all Social Stores in Lisbon, thus allowing a better use of goods and services between the various Shops. It can simultaneously avoid the existing surplus and reduce the need for each of the stores.

Given the current socio-economic situation of the Country, Social Shopping has been a growing phenomenon in the city of Lisbon. These stores come in an attempt to address the basic needs of citizens, providing goods and services (clothing, food, toys, toiletries, use of spas …) for free or at social prices, also accepting donations of objects and products that may still be useful.

In a globalized world, like ours, promote creative and innovative approaches in the social sector is a major challenge that is put in the day-to-day.

In this sense, it is essential to move people, institutions, companies and associations, towards a logic of participatory democracy, to the importance of creativity and innovation as key competences for personal, social and economic development of a society.

This platform constitutes good practice in that it adds the creative process of social innovation in logic of mobilizing civil society, seeking to find effective and satisfactory solutions, in partnership with the various social stakeholders.

To get to know this platform connect via the link

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