Creativity as a cross-cutting policy: Gijon Creativo


Gijón is developing a creative plan in the city, the result of its participation in the European project “Know cities”(INTERREG IVB Atlantic Area). This has been aimed at achieving transnational cooperation on issues related to sustainable urban development, as urban marketing in mid-sized Atlantic Cities.
Gijón Creativo is a very innovative project locally born with the aim to enhance and add value to the creativity of the city’s cultural industry. It gathers more than one hundred local business entrepreneurs, belonging to the field of arts, culture and image, that are committed to the creative development of the city in a very active and engaged way.
The numerous cultural resources across the city and the impact of the creative industry in the economic development of Gijón represent a high creative and innovative potential of the city. Therefore, the proposed Gijón Creativo is thought for the long term and it aims to positively influence the city, both economically and socially. The implementation of the project and its subsequent consolidation will help to reinforce the national and international image of Gijón.
Gijón Creativo has developed numerous activities throughout the year, all aimed at different areas such as fashion, software, graphic design and fine arts. Among them, the creation of the logo for one of the new sections of the International Film Festival of Gijón and the presentation of the Master“Open Source Technologies & Creativity applied to Design “at the University of Oviedo.

Source: Gijon Creativo

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