Inspiring Creativity


But how exactly do culture and creative industries act as a driver for innovation and cooperation in Europe? How do CCI actors cooperate across European borders and what value does cooperation add to these CCI projects? And what are the roles of European Structural Funds and European Territorial Cooperation programmes in the field of CCI?

These were just some of the questions that acted as a starting point for our analysis. Culture and creative industries – including cultural heritage, performing arts, visual arts, music, books, architecture, and design – – are currently among the most dynamic economic sectors in Europe. Culture and creative industries are also a way of preserving Europe’s cultural diversity in an increasingly globalised world and an increasingly important driver for innovation and competitiveness.

At the same time, the potential of culture and creative industries and their contribution to Europe’s economic growth and sustainable development are not always obvious. It is often difficult to able development are not always obvious. It is often difficult to show the economic value of culture or cultural cooperation projects as there are no easy measurement methods or commonly accepted indicators.

This publication aims to draw a picture of the inspirational and informative role of the culture and creative industries in Europe and in European Territorial Cooperation (ETC), in particular. In these pages, you will find information on major trends in the field of CCI in Europe and in European Structural Funds and on the types of CCI projects and project activities that are frequent in ETC, including statistics and examples of successful cooperation projects. We also give examples of the ETC programmes’ role in capitalising on CCI projects and provide an overview of the next programming period as well as tips for newcomers.


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