World Car Free Day

Yesterday, September 22nd, we celebrated the World Car Free Day.

How would a car free city look like? It would look… WALKABLE

These videos should serve to illustrate the idea of walkability:

Leaving the Car Behind: Making Cities Walkable

In communities across the country, a movement is growing to make neighborhoods more walkable and to encourage local residents to get out of their cars and use alternative means of transportation. Smart growth solutions support businesses and jobs, provide more options for how people get around and make it more affordable to live near work and the grocery store.

Learn how a community’s walkability factor relates directly to a healthier, more physically active population, and more sustainable and enjoyable lifestyles.

City Planning: The Economics of Walkability

Developers, businesses and citizens are doing the math on the economics of walkability. People are moving away from the suburbs and back to city centers that are conducive to walking, and include local shopping areas, well-developed public transit and nearby trails and parks. Hear how this type of planning improves the quality of life, boosts the local economy, and supplies a new foundation for a walkable urban future.

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