Cultural Factories in the Atlantic Arc

Factoria Cultural Avilés by TGE

Factoria Cultural Avilés by TGE

A compilation of news made by Tamara Guirao, CAAC Coordinator

La Factoría Cultural de Avilés
(visited by CAAC on May 7th, 2013)

Main complement to the activity of the Niemeyer Center, The Cultural Factory (Factoría Cultural) a multidisciplinary art center, is located in the building of a former shirt factory, Confecciones Camino,built in 1950, for the development of the textile industry.

The building consists of 4 floors, has a library for references and loan for the center students (ceramic catalogs, technical books, history, painting, sculpture …), a storehouse, two dressing rooms, room for electric furnaces and other space for gas furnaces, two computer rooms (used for courses on software management, photography, software for digital editing images, social networks, etc..), four classrooms for ceramics workshops, another for painting, a classroom for bookbinding, leather and glass and the last is reserved to etching.

The center has decided to structure its work on three main strategies: to support the creation, the production and the market access. There will be artists from the musical area, performing arts and dance, visual arts, digital creation and audio, and design and fashion.

Fabrica da Ramada Guimaraes by TGE

Fabrica da Ramada Guimaraes by TGE

Fabrica da Ramada in Guimaraes

(visited by CAAC on May 18th, 2013)

In the eighties and nineties, the huge textile factories that lined the whole valley were abandoned because of the strong Chinese competition. The same old city of Guimarães, beautifully preserved in the shadow of the old castle, is surrounded by empty factories with dead brick fireplaces.

One of them is the Ramada Factory, an old tanning industry closed many years ago that, now houses a design institute. Throughout the Ramada Street stands the building of the factory António Martins Ribeiro da Silva, founded in 1930 and is known as factory Ramada. The building was rehabilitated for academic activities but the traces of its industrial architecture were preserved, including the colours of the facade, the “straw yellow” and “ox blood” of the frames mentioned in the documentation as characteristics of industrial buildings in the area of leather.

The Design Institute of Guimarães is an institution dedicated to the research design for the incorporation of design in product development, to specialized training and the promotion and dissemination of industrial products incorporating design and design. It will also be an open platform for communication between industry and designers .. It will also be an open platform for communication between the industry and the production centers of knowledge, with a view to economic development through design. It works in close liaison with the University of Minho and other institutions related to research and so will be a center specializing in the areas of fashion design, product and media.

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