International Day of Cooperatives: Articulteurs

Source: Articulteurs

Source: Articulteurs

Together since 2004, when the Articulteurs developed a project in the framework of the EQUAL Community Initiative Programme which placed culture at the heart of local development in the territory of Redon et Vilaine, around a innovative concept combining culture, economy and social cohesion: the cultural territory venture. These partners from the associative field and the world of business, the public sector, the research, training and culture, have chosen to join forces in order to:

“Design, produce and distribute eco-cultural activities pooled and creating innovative economic development and social ties rewarding the people and the heritage of a country.”

The main field of activity of the business cluster “The Articulteurs” is the socio-economic integration through the development of innovative practices in the field of culture. Initiated within the Equal cooperation, where the stakeholders identified a socio-economic ecosystem based on the artistic and cultural activities that create real and dynamic ties in the territory.

Articulteurs experimentation in the territory has led to the establishment of a cluster / cluster of cultural enterprises called “the Articulteurs.” In 2010, the cluster was the “Winner of the national team business cluster” by Datar via the French Ministry of Planning. In 2011, the cluster received the Award on Initiatives on Social Economy by Credit Cooperative Foundation.

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