World Ocean Day: CAAC creates new links for fisheries in the Atlantic Arc.

Lorient- CAAC delegation in A Coruña Fish Market. Names on the text.

Lorient- CAAC delegation in A Coruña Fish Market. Names on the text.

On Europe day, 9 May, CAAC was very busy. In the morning, while CAAC Secretary-General, Charles Nicol, was meeting the Culture department of Gijon City Council, CAAC members and coordinator attended the presentation of the good practices of this same town on the frame of the project Know Cities.

In the afternoon, Tamara Guirao, CAAC coordinator, accompanied a delegation of Lorient in a visit to the fish market in A Coruña. The Lorient delegation was composed by Olivier Lenezet, president of Blue Fish and Nicolas Teisseire, from Audelor. They were received by Eduardo Blanco, responsible for fisheries at A Coruña Port, Severino Ares, president of the Fish market, and José Luis Otero, the manager of the same organization. This meeting was facilitated by A Coruña City Council, CAAC vice-presidency.

During the visit, the differences and similarities between both facilities in Lorient and A Coruña were discussed, taking into account the evolution of the sector and the features of every market. In a more formal meeting, M. Lenezet presented Blue Fish, created in April 2013 as a new European association for the promotion of sustainable and responsible fisheries, bringing together all stakeholders in the sector in Europe. At the same time, Coruña Fish Market is on the same approach, as they are creating a Foundation with the same aims and composition: the Foundation for the Minimal Performance, targetting a better management of fisheries that improves the inclusion of scientific research in the sector.

Coruña Port by TGE

Coruña Port by TGE

Even if they acknowledged the difficulties on finding common ground concerning questions like TAC, there was a strong understanding on the need to better contemplate the social, economic and employment dimensions of the fisheries sector, together with a improved visibility of the role of fishermen.

Tamara Guirao, CAAC coordinator, also mentioned that, back in 2010 in La Rochelle, a similar common ground was found between Rosa Quintana, Galicia’s Regional Minister for Fisheries and her Britanny homologue, Isabelle Thomas, in a meeting where she also was the facilitator. Three years later, in Europe Day, CAAC has created again new links for fisheries in the Atlantic Arc.

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