KnowCities Closing Seminar: A look to SmartCity Strategies


Almost 70% of the European population lives in urban areas, a proportion that continues to grow in Europe so it is gaining greater importance the impact of urban technologies on the sustainable development of our cities. With the Europe 2020 Strategy smart, inclusive and sustainable growth is boosted and It is also provided a framework in the European Union to emerge stronger from the current crisis. The goal is the ability to create jobs based on innovation of products and services. But also an effective way to address major challenges such as climate change and energy efficiency. Therefore, from the European Union in the next funding period 2014-2020 will work with special emphasis energy, mobility and new technologies as strengthening elements of intelligent cities.
However the development of cities not only depends on the development of physical elements. They have become increasingly important social and intellectual capitals. They are also of great importance participation, governance, socio-economic environment and political settings. Definitely an intelligent city or SmartCity is a city with technological solutions that enable the best possible use of their infrastructure and interaction between citizens and the urban and social environment making life easier.
This seminar aims to introduce and discuss aspects of the 2020 strategy and its reflection in the new funding period 2014-2020. It will cover case studies of European cities that are acting as urban drivers and proposed solutions will be presented by technology companies. All this from a participatory prism that will be open to the general public allowing rich discussion with national and international experts who will participate.
This conference, that will be held on May 28 at the Kursaal, is part of the closing seminar of the project KnowCities, partly funded by Atlantic Area Program 2007-2013 and led by Fomento San Sebastián, that is composed of a partnership of 11 European cities. The aim of the project has been to seek a common urban methodology to work as a city of knowledge.
In addition, on May 29 and 30 there will continued with the presentation of good practices in the city of Donostia-San Sebastián selected by international experts. The selected good practices are:
The candidature of European Capital of Culture 2016 that in one of the most competitive processes that are recalled in this prize Donostia-San Sebastian won. This good practice has been selected in the field of creativity.
The SurfCity Cluster that promotes Fomento San Sebastian and that It has been selected in the field of intellectual capital by leveraging local capacities for the promotion and economic development of the city.
The presentation of these best practices will be in Talent-House and there will be keynote lectures by international experts and business roundtables, local organizations and agencies that may encourage debate and discussion. These sessions will be public and will also welcome the participation of anyone interested.

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