Interview at the Europe House of Brest


Ms. Tamara Guirao, CAAC coordinator, was interviewed by the Maison de l’Europe (European House) of Brest. She was asked to explain her work as Coordinator of the Atlantic Arc Cities, what she did in the following terms:

“The Atlantic Arc speaks to me
When I took the suitcase in 1999 for an Erasmus Rennes , I did not know much about what is Brittany and its links with Galicia . Gradually I realized the similarity between the two regions as filloas ( pancakes) , rain, Finisterra (Finistère) , vessels crashing in the coast, calvaries at the crossroads, the bagpipes.. .
Twelve years later, back to Rennes, I work for the cities of Atlantic Arc and I discovered other similarities that were not so obvious . Normans answer with another question , such as Galician or Irish . The fine Welsh irony fits perfectly with the Galician ” retranca “, the rivers are called Tamara: Tambre in Galicia and Tamar in Cornuailles . So many links lost in the story that ease my daily work.
Rennes and Saint Jacques , twinned in 2010, are two more drops in the Celtic sea. As drops , the two cities are similar: the cultural life , the University, the rivers that surround the Cathedrals . The same thing happens with A Coruña, Ferrol, Brest: Aquariums , naval bases , the peninsular identity…
This is my work at the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities . Putting together all these drops in the present and make a rain cloud that rains the future of the whole of Europe.”
The original interview, in French and Galician, can be read HERE

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