Atlantic Area: Last minute partner searches


We have received four last minute partner searches that seem very interesting. Please find more info below: 

Atlantic Castra and Iron Age Heritage:

Open for partners, specially French, Irish and UK
Leaded by Comunidade do Vale do Ave, this project intends to find new tools for the development of the Atlantic Territory, focusing on the untapped potential of the Atlantic Castra and Iron Age Heritage.
Please find more info Project CALE – Atlantic Castra

Sustainable Urban and Economic Development of Port Cities in the Atlantic Area

Looking for IRISH /UK partners
Leaded by CEGE, in Portugal, this project will find synergies between cities and ports so as to provide more consistent strategies for sustainable urban development.
Please find more info S-PortCities Draft_1

Sustainable Cities: CIVIS

Looking for IRISH /UK / French partners
The aim of this pilot project is to implement, measure and evaluate, within local and regional public administrations, the development of public services with a focus on sustainable development and the reduction of CO2 emissions
Please find more info CIVIS1 and CIVIS2

EMRAA: Facilitate the integration of marine energies
Looking especially for local and regional authorities

The approach is based on the findings of passed or on going projects or experimentations, some of them including EMRAA partners; the knowledge and lessons learned will be analysed from local authorities and territorial management points of view
Please find more info EMRAA

****Please contact directly the LEAD PARTNERS of each project
**** Should you also have a project searching for partners, please send your call to headquarters (a)

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