How to become an Atlantic Arc City?


The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, formed in 2000 at the initiative of Mr Edmond Hervé, then Mayor of Rennes, currently represents more than 275 local entities and 8 million inhabitants of the European Atlantic seaboard. This network works with different institutions, to promote the role of cities in Europe (mainly through CECICN) and to highlight the specificity of the Atlantic Arc. The presidency is currently held by Mr Carlos Negreira, Mayor of A Corunna.

Structure of coordination and representation, CAAC provides a tangible mechanism that creates synergies between different actions at local and transnational level. To improve their attractiveness, networking offers the opportunity for cities to complete a critical mass that gradually increases their visibility and influence. CAAC intends to become the urban forum of reference for the Atlantic Arc through the promotion of a model for green, attractive and cohesive cities.

In 2010, CAAC became an independent not-for-profit association ruled by its own statutes. These statutes indicate how cities (and other interested organisations) can join the Atlantic Urban Network in article 4th:

Applications for membership must be made in writing by the legal representative of the institution or organisation to the Executive Bureau, which must reach a unanimous decision within two months. New members may take part in the activities of the Conference as soon as their application for membership is accepted by the Executive Bureau. The application shall then be submitted to the General Assembly for ratification.

Therefore, the city (organisation) concerned, represented at the highest level (i.e. by its Mayor), must send a letter expressing their willingness to be part of the Atlantic Cities’ network to the Conference (to the General Secretariat.) This letter should be addressed to the Executive Bureau, for example, to its President (Philippe Duron, Mayor of Caen) and contain the following particulars:

subscription to the statutes, the Rennes Declaration and the Atlantic Charter
-the objectives of the city/organisation with this entry (it can be short, it serves to guide the support that will be given from the Secretariat)
-the number of inhabitants of the city (or the city where the prospect organisation is located)

As for practical issues, it is recommended to also use a scanned version of the courier, in order to facilitate its transfer to the members of the Bureau. The physical address is “Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities” 10, rue des Dames, 35000, Rennes, France. The email address would be:

headquarters (at)

For more info, you can also visit the FAQ’s and:

Looking forward to hearing from you and having you as new members in 2013!


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