Meeting the European Commission: CECICN update

CECICN meeting in GaliciaLast November 15th, CAAC coordinator, Ms. Tamara Guirao, participated in a CECICN Mission to Brussels, so as to meet with DG REGIO and DG Market.

Meeting José PALMA‐ANDRES Director Territorial Cooperation, DG REGIO

The meeting was the opportunity to update José PALMA‐ANDRES with CECICN activities after the 1st European Conference on Smart Cooperation in A Coruña (Spain) in June 2012. On‐going negotiations for 2014/2020 were also talked about.

Different points have been discussed during the exchange:

1.    Common strategic framework (CSF) and macro regional strategies: the status of the CSF will be defined by EU regulations 2014/2020, and CSF is part of the programming process; macro regional strategies are the coordination processes (an instrument), and not bound to the financial framework (no additional funding, no new institution, no new regulations)

2.    Position papers: the European Commission is in the process of sending a “position paper” to each Member State concerning future priorities;

3.    ETC programmes: the list of Operational Programs will be sent very soon by European Commission to the Member States

Meeting Emer DALY Director Governance of Single Market, DG MARKT

The meeting gave the opportunity to do an overall presentation to Ms DALY about CECICN and its activities, about the previous contacts and meetings with DG MARKT, about the Strategic document on Smart cooperation, and about the follow‐up of the 1st European Conference on Smart Cooperation in A Coruña (Spain) in June 2012.

The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities also evoked the project ANATOLE within the programme Interreg Atlantic Area as an example of divergence between local needs in public procurement and competition laws.

Ms DALY invited CECICN to “give her stories” asking for successful stories of market integration in the ground.

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