CAAC meets Bilbao


On November 12th, CAAC Coordinator, Tamara Guirao, met the International Services of the city of Bilbao. The purpose of this meeting was to exchange on the Atlantic Area, its opportunities and challenges concerning local authorities. CAAC presented the Atlantic Forum as a major opportunity for cities to have a say on the Atlantic Strategy and on the future of the Atlantic Arc. In addition, Ms. Guirao presented the activities of CAAC and the main conclusions of the General Assembly, like the creation of a working group on “Smart Atlantic Cities”, the contest “Atlantic City of the Year” and the tool “Atlantic Ambassadors”.

She also presented the CECICN, as a fundamental platform of urban networks working on territorial cooperation and composed by 500 cities.
Bilbao has a very interesting international strategy that goes beyond the borders of Europe, reaching Asia and the Americas. As for the Atlantic Area, a series of bilateral agreements of cooperation are signed with several Atlantic Cities, like Santander in key issues like culture or tourism or economic development. In addition, Bilbao has been the Lead Partner of the RETHE project, funded by the Atlantic Area Programme.
Further cooperation between Bilbao city and the CAAC is currently under study.

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