Wanna have your say on cooperation in the Atlantic Area?


When speaking about territorial cooperation, the average citizen is lost. It also looks abstract from the civil society, the university, the private sector and anyone who is not directly working into it. The time of the social media has come, and, with it, the possibility for territorial cooperation to be explained in simple words and LIVE! From the Atlantic Arc.
This is what we intend with this blog, a blog of people speaking to people about what is happening in their cities, about how they work together with other countries, regions, towns or organizations. How cities (or regions, or universities, or…) which were alone decided to work together so as to benefit from Europe as an opportunity and of cooperation as a richness.
And now the floor is open for you. Are you leading a local project and you want to give it a transnational dimension? Are you participating in an INTERREG Atlantic Area project? Do you live in the Atlantic Arc? Do you have questions/proposals/comments or even answers that nobody has thought about before?
In parallel to the Atlantic Forum, CAAC would like to start a citizen’s driven dialogue. The place is here and the time is now. Should you wish to be in, please send us an e-mail to headquarters (a) atlanticcities.eu and we will inform you on how to proceed. Or just leave us a comment here!
Looking forward to hearing from you

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