Sea Tech Week opening session!

Major challenges, research issues and prospects for Marine Renewable Energies (MRE)
Tuesday 9 October 2012, from 9h45 to 12h30
Grand Théâtre, Le Quartz Congress Centre, Brest, France
Opened, free of charge

Sea Tech Week 2012 will open with a plenary session on the morning of Tuesday 9 October 2012. As well as providing an overview of the event, the session is also intended to set out the major challenges, research issues and prospects for MRE. Experts of national and international renown will ensure high quality presentations. These will be followed by a round-table discussion, chaired by a journalist, during which there will an opportunity for the experts to debate with representatives of industry, national and European administrations and organisations.


9h45-10h00 Opening

MRE: major challenges, research issues and prospects:

10h00-10h15 Possible trends in MRE technology. Yann-Hervé De Roeck, Chairman, « France Energies Marines »;

10h15-10h30 Possible economic model relating to MRE. Jérôme Guillet, Managing Director, Green Giraffe;

10h30-10h45 Emerging trends for energy policy at a European level. John Huckerby, Chairman, International Energy Agency – Ocean Energy Systems;

10h45-11h00 Thinking on the national energy policy. « Direction Générale Energie Climat » (to precise).

11h00-11h45 Round-table discussion:

Thierry Dereux, Chairman, « Côte d’Armor Nature Environnement » ;

Philippe Gilson, Chairman, Marine Energy Commission, « Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables » ;

Anne Lapierre, Lawyer, Cabinet Norton Rose ;

Daniel Lefèvre, Vice-Chairman, « Comité National des Pêches Maritimes et des Elevages Marins » ;

Stephanie Merry, Head of Marine, Renewable Energy Association.

11h45-12h00 Exchange with the audience

12h00-12h15 Field practitioner’s point of view: The MERiFIC example

12h15-12h30 Conclusion and Sea Tech Week overview

More information…


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