Constructing Place-Based Competitiveness in Times of Global Change

While much attention has been given to firm- and cluster- level strategies for competitiveness, there is less analysis of how these combine in the construction of city, regional, national or cross-border strategies for ensuring sustainable competitiveness and development. The construction of this ‘place-based’ competitiveness presents important challenges: both for competitiveness policies; and for firm and cluster management. Moreover, these challenges are heightened given the rapid changes in relationships, institutions and contexts that characterise today’s global competitiveness environment.The conference provides a unique opportunity for policy-makers, cluster practitioners and academics to advance our understanding of these challenges, and to work towards practical solutions. The TCI Conference is a global and inspiring platform for fast exchange of patterns and ideas on competitiveness, clusters and innovation. You can expect four days of stimulating learning, networking and connecting with people from over 50 countries.Renowned for building competitiveness strategy from the strengths of its firms and people, the conference will also offer an opportunity to share and reflect on the competitiveness trajectory of the Basque Country, a region with strong tradition, experience and results in cluster and competitiveness policy. Delegates will have the chance to explore ‘first-hand’ through field visits some of the region’s innovative clusters – renewable energy, machine tools, aerospace, automotive, wine and tourism, biosciences – alongside unique experiences such as the city regeneration of Bilbao and the cooperative organisation of Mondragon.The conference will contain a mix of plenary and workshop sessions. Plenary sessions featuring keynote speakers and panel discussions will address the following themes:

  1.     Conference Opening: Competitiveness in Context in 2012
  2.     Urban Renewal for Competitive Cities
  3.     Constructing Place-based Strategies for Competitiveness
  4.     Conference Closing: Responding in Practice to Today’s Competitiveness Challenges

Contributions for workshop sessions are invited in line with the general theme of the conference and related to any aspect of the competitiveness of places and the roles played by firms, clusters, governments, universities and other institutions. The organising committee is particularly interested in receiving proposals from either a conceptual/empirical perspective or a practitioner perspective


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