Attractiveness of Regions and Cities for Residents and Visitors #espon

The ESPON – ATTREG Project focusing on “The attractiveness of Regions and Cities for Residents and Visitors”, has recently reached its conclusion and is currently in its dissemination stage.
In order to reach a committed audience of policymakers, we have organised a Dissemination Event due to take place in Brussels on October 10th, at the HQ of Eurocities (Square de Meeûs 1), and in concomitance with the CoR’s Open Days.
Our project, dealing with human mobility between and within European regions, its past determinants and future foreseeable developments, its spatial impacts and the policy challenges that it arises, has produced a number of interesting results that we have been careful throughout the project life cycle to present and discuss with European and regional stakeholders.
In this final event, we are keen to debate the relevance of these results with a selected audience of policymakers and with the wider ESPON scientific community in view of contributing to the overarching goals of ESPON and of the European cohesion agenda.
The event will take place in a half-day (9.30 to 13) and will be structured as a short presentation of policy-relevant results from our side, followed by a keynote discussion by a distinguished scholar external to our TPG, and then a round table discussion between a number of invited representative of European, national and regional organisations and administrations. The CAAC coordinator, Ms. Tamara Guirao-Espiñeira, will participate at this Round Table.
The participation to the event is open and free of charge. Professionals interested to participate can require additional information at this email address:

ATTREG Summary

ATTREG – Programme dissemination event

Massimiliano Rumignani – ATTREG Project Manager

University Rovira i Virgili- Lead Partner of ATTREG

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