Workshop on the Atlantic Strategy: Save the date!

The Atlantic Strategy is, nowadays, a trending topic in the European Union, which will pave the way for the future development of the Atlantic Area and the territories concerned.
A significant amount of work will be done in the next months, setting the basis for the final decisions on this issue. Thus, key stakeholders need to be informed and aware about the current situation and next steps in this field, in order to contribute to the debate. Our stance is essential!
With this objective, Eixo Atlantico organizes one-morning seminar about the Atlantic Strategy: current status and next steps, next October 2nd at Portuguese REPER in Brussels. At this seminar, EC representatives from DG REGIO and DG MARE will present the strategy, its key aspects, the state-of-the art and the following steps towards its final approval. On the other hand, this seminar is intended as an interactive forum, so as to give you the opportunity to present the position of your institution to EU bodies.
Please, find attached the agenda for this seminar, as well as the registration form. Registration is free and it is open until September 26th. You only have to fill in the registration form attached and send it back to:

Best Regards,


Addenda: CAAC will participate in the round table dedicated to the future of the Atlantic Arc




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