European Territorial Cooperation Delivering Europe 2020.

Europe 2020 Strategy calls for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. This growth should take into account the diversity of the potential offered by the European regions and cooperation areas.
ETC programmes should in future contribute to the delivery of the Europe 2020 targets, but in which areas is territorial cooperation most likely to produce the best results? How to make sure territorial and thematic dimensions are integrated in programming and projects in an effective and efficient manner? What pan-European territorial evidence, indicators and tools are available to support realistic strategies and implement projects where it matters the most? In order to promote exchange of opinions and support the territorial dimension of 2014-2020 ETC programmes, INTERACT and ESPON are jointly organising a seminar in Luxembourg on 25 September 2012. Seminar welcomes regional, national and European level decision makers and programme managers involved in cross-border and transnational programme design.
Specific objectives of the Seminar are:
  •     To discuss what the three main EU 2020 objectives imply, their territorial dimension and where territorial cooperation programmes have the best potential to contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
  •     To inform ETC stakeholders about the latest 2014-2020 related developments: policy and legal changes, programme design and implementation related guidance.
  •     To provide insight into the efforts made by INTERACT and the territorial evidence and tools provided by ESPON, but also by the EC and ETC community itself, to help prepare for 2014-2020.
  •     To showcase the territorial evidence, data and tools available from ESPON that exist for adding pan-European evidence and information to the situation analyses, strategy building and programme implementation.
  •     To collect ideas and discuss ways how ETC programmes would ensure shift towards more strategic and focused performance.
For further information please contact Ieva Kalnina, tel: +45 2962 9316, e-mail:

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