Nicolas Teisseire, CAAC Delegate-General, on the Future of Fisheries Sector in the Atlantic Arc:

Main area of European fishing of the first maritime façade of Europe, the Atlantic Arc welcomes a large number of cities and communities through an extensive network.
Conscious of their cohesion, sustainability, employment and preservation of their cultural and natural heritage these cities are concerned by the future of fishing in the CFP reform. As such, they associate to the request of the CPMR to better take into account the socio-economic impacts of the CFP in its different components: access and resource management (implementation of the model maximum sustainable yields -HMI, prohibition of discharges, etc.); Common organization of markets – COM; the external dimension and relations with third countries; the social dimension (employment management at sea and land, follow-up mechanisms for youth integration and adaptation of training systems, safety on board ships, decent working conditions, etc.).
It will be also necessary to improve the value of certain segments of the European fishing and aquaculture. This is the case for example for small coastal and small-scale fishing which allows the permanence of wealth and employment in the territories.
Finally, as they invest heavily in port infrastructure, education and tools of maritime research to support their fishing sector, the cities of the Atlantic Arc request the new CFP to be build on a genuine multi-level governance which can give cities and Regions the opportunity to participate in the key stages of the design and the implementation of this common policy.

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