Charles Nicol, CAAC Secretary-General, defines the role of #Port #Cities in the #Atlantic Strategy

The European Commission will draw up its strategy for the Atlantic coast in 2012. Main action lines were announced at the Lisbon conference in November 2011. In order to contribute to this strategy, a European forum is open throughout the year of 2012. Its conclusions will be rendered in 2013. The forum has to clarify a number of points such as:  
• the implementation and support for MRE; 
• the support for port infrastructures, land and waterway corridors; 
• an action plan concerning the Atlantic  urban questions.
The European policies have and will have a direct or indirect effect on the development of the coast. There, where urban development is justified, the opportunities for the reutilisation of abandoned port wastelands have to be considered in priority. They would enable:
• the pressure on the more sensitive zones of the coast to be reduced;
• the city centres to be made denser by building the cities on themselves and their port wastelands, development advantages.
The Atlantic strategy should be positioned on two strategic foundations:
• cooperation between the ports in order to develop continental gateways and large transport corridors (motorways of the Sea, rail connections);
• the promotion of structuring infrastructures (quays and equipment).
The conjugation of the cities and the ports determines the destiny of the regions, their employment, and their economic attractiveness in order to reach out better towards Europe. The cities and ports constitute today the answers to the crisis and to the needs for sustainable development.
Contribution to the 13th World Conference Cities and Ports

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