Portusplus – Call for papers 2012

Portusplus is the online-magazine of RETE, the Association for the collaboration between ports and cities, dedicated to the study of themes involving the relationship between port and city and the regeneration of urban waterfronts.
The first issues of the magazine are consultable on the website of RETE, http://www.reteonline.org in the section “Portusplus”, and are dedicated to the results of the Call for papers launched in 2010 and 2011 with the aim of collecting and disseminating interdisciplinary scientific publications, focused on the themes of interest.
Exploiting the advantages of communicating on the Internet as an opportunity to present original works, theoretical studies or the research results supported by practical experiences, conducted in many countries around the world and concerning the fields of interest described, RETE launches the new Call for papers.
The Call for paper 2012 of Portusplus is consultable on the website of RETE: http://www.reteonline.org in the section “Portusplus” – “Call for papers”. The proposals for papers should be sent to the Scientific Secretariat of Portusplus, following the instructions for submission, before June 30, 2012.
We therefore invite you to give widespread diffusion to the Call for papers 2012 and we also request your collaboration to publicize the initiative as widely as possible.
We thank you, and send our kindest regards.
Scientific Secretariat of Portusplus

Arch. Oriana Giovinazzi
International Centre for Cities on Water
San Polo, 2605
30125 Venezia
E-mail address: portusplus@reteonline.org

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