Urban Forum 2012

16 February 2012 – Brussels, Charlemagne Building

The European Commission’s recently published proposals for new Regulations in the field of Regional Policy put a strong emphasis on integrated urban development, with a number of important suggestions to ensure that cities play their full role in driving growth in the EU. A key element in these proposals is the Commission’s intention to seek a direct, long-term, interaction between mayors and Commission officials working on their regions at a European level, with the aim of identifying future urban challenges and how they can be tackled successfully at all levels. The Urban Forum will be an opportunity to discuss the new proposals, with a particular focus on the role of cities in promoting sustainable growth.

The Forum will be divided into three thematic panels, tackling respectively:

    Europe 2020 and the challenge of coordinating thematic investments in cities and promoting integrated urban development;
    Innovative actions for sustainable urban development;
    Integrated Territorial Investment: How may it work for fostering the urban dimension of cohesion policy?

Around 400 participants, including Mayors of EU cities, representatives of urban networks and associations, as well as cities involved in various EU Urban Policy initiatives are expected to attend. Participation will be only possible upon invitation.

More info: Urban Forum

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