ENGAGE campaign has been launched

Covenant of Mayors signatories have engaged their city to achieve and go beyond the EU “3×20” objectives. They need the support of all citizens and local stakeholders to jointly reach these targets. With ENGAGE, citizens take action for Europe!
Cities all over Europe are already in! Hundreds of citizens have given their statement to play their part in building a sustainable energy future. Over 2,000 creative posters are displayed in city halls, on market places, in schools, in banks, etc. The ENGAGE campaign is making energy and climate commitments visible! This European participative communications initiative supports the EU’s Energy & Climate Package targets.
The European ENGAGE campaign has been launched during the 3rd Covenant of Mayors Ceremony on the 29th of November in the European Parliament in Brussels. The campaign has already gained significant support from Mayors and elected representatives, including the President of the Republic of Croatia Ivo Josipović.
An original clothesline exhibition of posters from the ENGAGE cities gave a glimpse of the diversity of citizen, stakeholder and public body engagements. Not dirty laundry but positive and concrete local commitments have air-dried in the EU Parliament!

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