Atlantic Port Cities meet in Saint Nazaire

Gathering Atlantic Port Cities from Milford Haven to Faro, the CAAC task force on Port Cities met in Saint Nazaire last November 7. It was hosted by La Carène agglomeration, whose representatives were Eric Provost, Carene vice-president and Charles Nicol, from the International Relations department.
The meeting analysed the example of Saint Nazaire as a possible toolkit of urban regeneration, building from the maritime identity of the city. The success of the Motorway of the Sea Montoir-Gijon also draw the attention of the participants, who, in the afternoon, exchanged views on the different opportunities offered by renewable marine energies. Atlantic maritime projects, such as Portonovo, where Cherbourg is a partner were also analysed. The scientific field was represented by ISEMAR and the private sector by STX. Port authorities from Milford Haven, Gijon and Nantes Saint Nazaire completed the stakeholders of the working group. The next meeting will be held in Spring, focusing this time on waterfronts and heritage. The Task force also decided to issue an “Atlantic Port Cities Charter” at the next CAAC General Assembly in 2012.

Agenda and information on the working group

Presentation of La Carene Agglomeration

Presentation of the Port of Gijon on Motorways of the Sea

Presentation of CAAC on Marine Renewable Energies

Presentation of Nantes-Saint Nazaire Port

In the news:

Media Web 

Presse Océan

Carene Agglomeration

CPMR (10 November)

Port of Gijon

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