European Public Sector Award (EPSA) 2011

From 274 submitted applications to 15 Nominees!

The EPSA 2011 Team is pleased to announce that the high-level EPSA 2011 Jury met on 5 September last at EIPA Maastricht to proceed to the final selection of the 15 nominees (5 per theme) from among 21 applications that had been visited on-site in June and July. The 15 nominated projects come from 9 countries; 10 have been submitted by the local level of government, 4 by the regional level and 1 by the national level.

These 15 projects are still running for the 3 awards. The 3 winners will be announced during the Final Award Ceremony that will take place at the Provincial Government Buildings on the Meuse in Maastricht on 17 November next in presence of high-level political personalities.

As a result of the online evaluation and consensus meeting, the evaluators also identified a number of applications per theme that will be awarded an EPSA 2011 Best Practice Certificate. In total, 58 projects submitted by 18 European countries will receive a recognition in 2011. Since 15 of these applications have been upgraded to the status of nominees, the actual number of BPC recipients is 43 (List of the 43 EPSA 2011 Best Practice Certificate Recipients). These BPC will be handed over on 15 November in the evening at the Maastricht Town Hall by the Mayor, Onno Hoes, and EIPA’s Director-General, Prof. Dr Marga Pröhl.

SOURCE: European Public Sector Award

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