NEA2 is a reference model for the Atlantic Maritime Strategy

The first Nautic European Conference on Atlantic Area, which took place in the past 26 and 27 October in Brest, in Brittany, was marked by success, both for the project NEA, a model of cooperation between 23 partners, such as for sailing in Europe, and the know-how of Atlantic nautical sector as a critical benchmark for the Atlantic Maritime Strategy to be presented in Lisbon on 28 and 29 November.

With the designation of “Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development of the nautical sector in Atlantic Regions,” this conference, organized by the Regional Council of Brittany, by the General Council of Finisterre and the project partners of NEA2, with the support of the European Union, joined 300 participants from Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, England, Italy and Belgium, which, building from the knowledge and experience gained in the NEA project, discussed the challenges and sustainable development of the sector, contributing to building a strong identity Atlantic.

The high level of this event, besides the excellent result of the NEA project, thanked to the richness and diversity of experience and knowledge of experts and agency participants.

Joan Anton Camuñas, former Deputy Minister of Sport in Catalonia, stated that this Atlantic nautical sector experience is extremely important for developing countries like Brazil or China.

William Bird, a member of the Order of the British Empire and founder and director of the company’s Intelligent Health, explained that the experience of coastal and nautical activities have a clear impact on health, with proven benefits in diseases such as diabetes and chronic stress. Whereas, therefore, that the Atlantic Area is a source of health.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, President of Brittany Regional Council and the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe, Vice-Chairman of the Committee of the Regions and former Minister for the Marine of France, also reiterated the importance of projects NEA and NEA2 for the Atlantic Area, believing nautical activities as the main vehicle for the development and affirmation of a impacting maritime culture. In this context, efforts will start with the European institutions to affirm this common strategy.

Ciara Delaney, spokeswoman for Maritime Affairs of the Permanent Representation of Ireland in the European Union in Brussels since March, said the importance of the NEA project to the achievement of a sustainable maritime policy in the European Union.

Inma Valencia, director of the Government of Cantabria to the European Union and that since 2010, leads the group “maritime renewable energies” of the Atlantic Arc Commission considers that this conference was a success, both for the NEA project to as for nautical sector in Europe, since it happened about a month before the submission of the Atlantic Maritime Strategy in Lisbon. It is a project that will present an action plan for the sector in which priorities are set. For this strategy, result of the first proposal of the General Assembly of the Atlantic Arc Commission, in Santander in 2009, “the contribution of the partners of NEA can be extremely important.”


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