The Atlantic: a source of opportunities for sustainable growth

In the midst of the Open Days, last Tuesday 11th, at the Portuguese Representation before the EU, the Atlantic Arc Stakeholders gathered for a workshop on the Atlantic Arc Strategy, introduced by Ms. Teresa Almeida, president of Lisbon and Tagus Valley CCRD.

In words of Mr. Alain Cadec, European MP, the Atlantic Strategy shall drive to the opening up of the Atlantic Area. As a territory is not static, and in a context that threatens environment and economy, the Strategy shall not be limited to the Sea as a vector of development, but completed by more “Land” issues and the links between both. In his opinion, natural and long term synergies must be enhanced.

Berharnd Friess, Director for Atlantic Regions at DG MARE (European Commission), announced the Communication on the Atlantic Area for next November. This document will show the Atlantic façade as a gateway to the world and would try to explore tools that allow Atlantic coastal regions to “seize the single opportunity of its development potential.” He also presented the priorities and the schedule of the EU actions on the Atlantic Area.

José Palma Andrés, Director for Territorial Cooperation at DG REGIO (European Commission), underlined the economic importance of the Atlantic Area and their link with the markets on the other side of the Ocean. He also emphasized the necessity for a wider strategy, starting by the impact of the Sea resources in the hinterland. The definition of how the Baltic and the Danube Strategies were implemented was used as a suggestion for going ahead in the Atlantic Area through more engagement and more consensus in a wider dialogue.

The session was closed by a panel of Atlantic Arc Stakeholders who presented the diverse topics that may compose an Atlantic Strategy.

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