Brittany and Wales at the heart of the Atlantic Area

Last October 8th, at the Cinemaville, the Institut Culturel of Bretagne held a conference on the history and the lessons to learn on the relationship among Walles and Brittany. If the purpose of the meeting was focused on the past, present and future maritime links between Brittany and Wales, the aim was to anchor this issue as part of the Atlantic Arc. The creation of the motorway of the sea Montoir de Bretagne-Gijon was seen as a case study for future links between Brittany and Wales.
In the morning session, experts such as André Daniel, Brian Davies, André Le Person and Erwan Chartier LeFloch set the stage of a diverse and long-standing relationship among the two regions.   The session was closed by a round table that brought into light the implications of this links for the future.

Gwyin Griffits and Yves Lebahy insisted on the significance of the maritime identity development for the peoples of both regions, while Yves Lainé described the technical possibilities of a sea connection among Britanny and Wales.

CAAC coordinator, Ms. Tamara Guirao Espiñeira, presented the role cities have to play in the Atlantic Area, translating the San Sebastian Charter on sustainable urban development into real actions, earmarked by the future EU strategy for the Atlantic Arc.

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