Multiannual Financial Framework: Going Local

On October 4th, the Committee of the regions invited local and regional stakeholders to a workshop on the Multi Annual Financial Framework and its implications for territorial governance.

The session, chaired by Ms. Flo Cucas, chair of CoR’s ad hoc committee on the EU Budget, presented a study on the matter: What role for local and regional authorities in the post-2013 budgetary framework? A territorial perspective on the interrelation between the Europe 2020 strategy, the Multiannual Financial Framework post-2013 and new EU economic governance” – produced by the European Policy Centre (EPC)

Preserving the role of European structural funds managed by regional and local authorities in supporting growth and employment becomes even more important during the crisis.

In the debate following the presentation, besides worries related to the growing contradiction between means and ends of the next programming period, the CoR emphasised the opposition of local and regional authorities to any form of macroeconomic conditionality linking structural funds to national debt levels. Thus, the debate concentrated on the issue of conditionality, and representatives of the Commission described it more as a “nuclear bomb” never to be used than a corrective compulsory measure.

CAAC, after attending the meeting, is currently preparing its own contribution to the CoR’s work, based on the key role cities have to play, the option of macro-regions as a source of efficiency and the prevalence of cohesion and subsidiarity principles.

MORE INFO: Committee of the Regions

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