Port Cities in the Atlantic Area :

The seminar “Urban-Port Waterfronts. A new generation of sustainable projects and activities », organized by the Port Authority of Santander in collaboration with RETE and CITAP and was held on 14, 15 and April 16, 2011. The meeting was dedicated to the analysis in the context of the dynamics of change currently evident in the port cities, on the “new generation” of reconversion of sea-port waterfronts, whose common denominator is the paradigm of sustainability; and to reflect on how they have begun to transform the principles and policies that until now have based this type of operation.
CAAC was represented by its coordinator, Ms. Tamara Guirao, to present a document on “Atlantic Port Cities: looking back to the Sea”, published by the magazines Portus and Portus Plus. Following the request of the European Council in June to the European Commission to lay the groundwork for an integrated maritime strategy for the Atlantic Area; the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities is mobilized to define the port-city relationships in this space. Thus the article pretends to define the influence of ports in the development of the Atlantic Arc Cities, as well as the links with other issues such as climate change. The aim is to develop a field reflection, establishing good practice and future actions, thus providing a common vision that leverages the synergies between the various stakeholders.

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